Crestwood Schools - Crestwood High School Class of 2016 Graduation Ceremony

June 07, 2016

2016 Graduation ceremony for Cresteood High School.

The Formative Asessment Process in a PLC - 1) Janine Kopera - Allendale School - Gr. 2-5

October 09, 2014

Wayne County Formative Assessment Project Janine talks about facilitating a PLC and the focus on formative assessments in the classroom.

Accreditation News Brief - 1) First Standard - Purpose and Direction

October 03, 2014

AdvancED Standard 1 - Purpose and DirectionThe agency maintains and communicates at all levels of the organization a purpose and direction for continuous improvement that commit to providing programs and services, active learning, and high expectations for professional practice as well as shared values and beliefs.Indicator 1.1 - The agency engages in a systematic, inclusive, and comprehensive process to review, revise, and communicate an agency purpose.Indicator 1.2 - The agency leadership and staff at all levels commit to a culture that is based on shared values and beliefs that include provision of relevant and targeted educational programs and services, equitable support, active engagement in learning, application of knowledge and skills, and high expectations for professional practice.Indicator 1.3 - Leadership of the agency implements a continuous improvement process that provides clear direction for improving conditions that support learning. 

Accreditation News Brief - RESA Accreditation Overview

September 29, 2014

We're being evaluated on our:Mission, Vision, Beliefs, Organizational Plan and the FIVE AdvancED Standards.Building Capacity to Continuously Improve.An Accreditation Team will visit us in March 2015.  We are collecting evidence of our performance for the team to examine.  We need your input about our performance, on-line in early Novemeber.More to come .  .  .

District and School Improvement - MDE Program Evaluation - An Overview of the Process and Tool

July 02, 2014

MDE Program Evaluation - An Overview of the Process and Tool Published on July 3, 2014